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Client Testimonials


The following words from a few clients were received by email or online, unsolicited and very appreciated.  I'd love to see your "success" story here, too!

The following testimony is from one of my students who recently became a Hypnotist through my NGH training course.

I have known Sheila for approximately three years. I used her services as a Hypnotist to help me with a nail biting habit I had for most of my life.

Today (March 27, 2013) I have completed training in the NGH Certified Hypnotist program. Sheila is an amazing teacher. Her training style is fantastic. As well as teaching the program in the training manuals, she adds a whole new level to her training with additional handouts and real-life examples. I highly recommend Sheila to anyone who is looking for a great hypnosis teacher. I'm looking forward to taking NLP training with her in the future.

Thank you Sheila, you're Awesome!

Julia Wooster, RT-CRA, CH
Reiki Master & Certified Hypnotist at A Butterfly's Touch Relaxation


The following testimony is from one of my students, to one of her friends. During her NGH training, in January 2011, I showed her how easily she could break the habit of biting her nails with hypnosis.

"Funnily enough I too was a HUGE nail biter from the age of three.  I completely understand your desire to have beautiful nails and I can say with full confidence that hypnosis is a wonderful tool to help eliminate this habit. Unfortunately, I have moved to British Columbia so I am personally unable to assist you.

However, there is a fabulous Hypnotherapist in Oakville (now in Windsor, Ontario) named Sheila Street and coincidentally she helped me to successfully break the nail biting habit myself!  

You can completely do this and have your own nails growing beautifully.  

I tried other things before I learnt about hypnosis too and none of them worked.  

Hypnotherapy however worked quickly and wonderfully! You will love the results."

Bay Hale, RN, MScN, CH

Health Harmonics, British Columbia


I was initially introduced to hypnosis when I approached Sheila to talk to her about a personal issue that had plagued me for some time, to see if she thought that hypnosis might work in my situation. She encouraged me that it would indeed be beneficial, so I decided to give it a try. I had no idea what to expect – this being my first time with hypnosis.


Sheila is very knowledgeable, and in no time at all, I felt perfectly at ease, ready to begin our hypnosis journey and tackle my issue. In total, I had five sessions with Sheila, and I was amazed at the progress I made during each session. Under Sheila’s gentle and caring guidance, I was able to clear out blocks I never thought possible. Today, I am a new person – I accomplished what I set out to do. Thank you, Sheila! Through hypnosis you gave me part of my life back (that I thought was gone forever), and I am forever grateful.


I highly recommend Sheila M. Street for anyone who is serious about using hypnosis to better his or her life.


Jane F.

Toronto , Ontario  


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