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If you have already decided to arrange a session with us, please either email to us with a few time choices and a day-time contact phone number, or call us directly (519-962-9676) during day-time hours (Mon.-Sat.) to arrange your initial appointment time.  We schedule most appointments during the afternoon or on Saturdays.  We will do our best to accommodate your schedule.

Our location is NOT wheel-chair accessible (there are a few stairs to negotiate), however I am prepared to provide in-home sessions, subject to appointment availability, for those with mobility issues within 30 KM's of my location, without charging travelling expense for those unable to handle stairs.

Our Fees

Generally you can expect that you will be paying for our services out-of-pocket, although some more enlightened employee insurance plans will cover at least part of your hypnosis work if prescribed by a medical practitioner. Provincial medical plans do not pay for hypnosis sessions.  All sessions are $160.00, and unless otherwise indicated, payable at the beginning of the session.  Sessions arranged and then missed without 24 hours notice are deemed taken, and must be paid for before further sessions can be arranged, barring the below circumstances.


If you suddenly come down with a nasty cold/infection on the day of your session, I will make every effort to re-schedule your appointment to the earliest date after you have become well again, with NO pentalty. So please call at the earliest you realize you're not well enough to FULLY participate in the hypnosis process. I'd rather not catch your cold, and since I have other people coming into my office, it would be less than conscientious on my part to possibly subject others (especially those with weaker immune systems) to potential harm.

We accept CASH or Interact E-Transfer (before the session is confirmed).  Occasionally, we will accept cheques from better known clients (those paying for program rated sessions), but not at the first session. Most sessions will last approximately 2 hours. Sometimes we will advise you that having a longer session (up to 2.5 hours) would facilitate certain phases of the work, in which case the fee would be for two hours only.  We will always discuss this with you ahead of time.

We tend to run over time occasionally, so please allow up to an extra half-hour if you are also scheduling other situations after your session with us. Please turn off cell-phones before coming into the office, to avoid being disturbed during your session.

Personal Coaching Packages - Individually priced depending on YOUR needs, In-person or by Telephone - phone for details

Our Services

When you come for your Hypnosis and/or NLP session with us, we guarantee you several things:


>   You will be treated with respect.

>   You will be given our best estimation of how many visits/session hours will be necessary to reach your goal provided you also put your best efforts into the sessions and homework you will be expected to do. 

>   While you are in a particular phase of the work, we will not raise our fee with you, and as a client, you will be informed 30 days before any subsequent fee change will affect future sessions.

>   If we are unable to provide our services to you because we feel your situation is beyond our scope of practice, we will make every effort to assist you in finding the service/practitioner that would best suit your needs.

What We Expect From Our Clients

>  Openness and honesty about your situation.  If you are currently under medical care, and that would be a factor in your hypnosis work with us, then we need to know this, for your own protection.  Occasionally we will need to coordinate your hypnosis work with your doctor(s) before proceeding.

>  That you will follow through with the homework we provide, so that you can reach the goal for which you are having hypnosis/NLP sessions, quickly and fully. Most issues can be handled well in 3 to 5 sessions. We can only advise you on how long after we have had a chance to thoroughly discuss your needs, and come to a mutually satisfactory plan for proceeding further.

>   That you will arrive just slightly ahead of your scheduled session time, and if you expect to be late, that you will let us know your situation, if possible to do so.  If you are late beyond 15 minutes, the time will be deducted from your session.  The session will be cancelled with full payment expected if you are late beyond 25 minutes of your expected session start time (with reasonable exceptions considered).

>   That you will respect our time, and that of other clients possibly needing an immediate session.  If you must cancel a session, you will provide us with 24 hours notice (see note above about sudden illness, though).  Depending on the circumstances, any session that is NOT taken as scheduled, for which we do NOT receive this notice, may possibly be considered for an administration charge up to the value of the missed session, payable before we resume our work with you.  We will assess each case individually, with the idea that we want to retain you as our client, unless of course, you become abusive of time allotments.

>   That you will be prepared to make payment when arranging your session (including deposits for follow-up sessions), either by cash or E-transfer, unless specific other arrangements have been made with us. Our services are NOT covered by OHIP.  Any cheque we accept that is returned for insufficient funds will incur an additional $45.00 fee, payable before hypnosis sessions resume.

House Calls

We will also do house-calls, schedule permitting, within 30 KM's of home base, with travel time paid at normal hourly rate (1/2 hr increments), pre-determined by Google Earth maps, and the appointment must be paid for in its entirety (as above) before we go out.  We generally reserve this service for emergency situations only.


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