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NeuroLinguistic Programming


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Sheila M. Street is a Certified Trainer through the National Federation of NeuroLinguistic Programming, founded by Dr. William D. Horton, Psy. D., who is one of the worlds most recognized and respected Master Instructors (those who train the trainers) of both Hypnosis and NLP.  Sheila received both her NGH (Hypnosis) Instructor training and NFNLP Trainer certification through Dr. Horton in November 2008.

There are any number of different ways you might wish to use NLP.  Certainly, anyone who has been in hypnosis practice for a while will benefit immensely by adding this tool to your tool-box.  As with hypnosis training, it is perfect for anyone working closely with clients on health and personal growth related areas of their lives.

It is also a great fit for people in sales and marketing.  By going through the course, you will have the opportunity to work on yourself, and gain tools that will put you at, and keep you at, the top of your game.  More than that, though, properly learned and applied, it will also give you an edge in working with your own clients, helping them to make decisions that will produce happy clients, who will refer you to the world, whatever product or service you represent or offer.

There is a lot to learn - so this course is divided into a Basic Level and a Masters Level Course.  It is generally recommended that you wait at least six months between the two courses, so that you absorb the full benefit of the one before attending the other.  That said, many others have reported that taking the courses back-to-back really pushed them into working with the concepts even more.  Taking into consideration your learning style, and just how much you want to push yourself, the ultimate decision to wait or just go-for-it is yours to make.

Click this link for further details of next Basic Practitioners Course start dates, payment options and how to register.

Click this link for course description and sign-up details, dates and payment options for the Master Practitioner Course.

INCENTIVE:  Find 5 friends/colleagues to take either of these courses along with you, and I will provide YOUR course at half-price.  Find 9 friends/colleagues to take either of these courses along with you, and I will provide YOUR course FREE! If you're out of town (Southwestern Ontario) I'll travel to your location (for 10 total students or more)! For out-of-Windsor, Ontario courses, full payment two weeks in advance from ALL parties is required.

The National Federation of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Basic NLP Practitioners Course

With NFNLP Certified Trainer, Sheila M. Street

This is a power packed, intensive, useful training course.

You will be taken beyond the jargon of NLP and shown the secrets of how NLP really works. You will learn and master NLP techniques, and Sheila demonstrates the power of the teaching by using NLP to teach you NLP!

You will learn:

  • Subconscious rapport skills

  • How to get into another person's mind

  • How to see and hear expertly

  • How to ask the right questions for change

  • How to change internal states

  • How to access personal strengths

  • How to make rapid, lasting changes

  • Anchoring - the heart of NLP

  • Representation systems

  • Strategies

  • Predicates - language of the mind

  • Information gathering

  • The Meta Model

  • Outcome elicitation

  • Fast phobia techniques

  • Mend a broken heart

  • New Behavior Generator

  • New Behavior Generator - the advanced pattern

  • Swish Pattern

  • Godiva Chocolate Pattern

  • Eye accessing cues

  • Linear time processing - "Timeline 2000"

  • Frames of NLP

  • Re-parenting - Advanced Inner Child Work

  • Change personal history

  • Q & A about NLP

  • Adding Resources

  • Visual Squash - Stop Addictions - #1 for Addictions/Compulsions

  • Reframing

  • Metaphors

At the end of the course you will be provided with an exam/assignment to be completed and submitted for marking by Sheila.

Upon attendance for all days of the course, and successful completion of the exam/assignment, your information will be forwarded to The National Federation of Neuro-Linguistic Programming in Venice, Florida.  They will then prepare and mail out to you your Certificates.

Your first year's NFNLP dues ($50.00 US) will be submitted by Sheila on your behalf, as part of the above noted fee.  This course will count as 30 CEU's for both the NFNLP and the NGH.

If you so desire, NFNLP will also list you on their web-site directory, as having completed the course and being recognized as a practitioner.  You can view my listing here (scroll down to Windsor, Ontario). 

It is suggested that you register early, as class size will be kept relatively small for more personalized instruction.

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If life circumstances cause you to withdraw from the course within 5 days prior to the start of the course (before you've entered instruction), due to the logistical arrangements we must make on your behalf, a $50.00 Administrative charge will be deducted, unless you decide to leave the funds on hold for any future course (NGH or NLP).  See the NLP BASIC TRAINING page for scheduled classes. 

You must attend all training days to obtain the NFNLP Certification:  you may be able to make up a missed day with extra work, catching up on assignments, or attending a few evening classes.  Each case will be viewed on its own merit.



With NLP, you will discover a whole new set of tools, plus  the language of influence, and how to use these to the benefit of your clients and yourself:  Anchoring, Chaining Anchors, Meta Model, Predicates, Eye Accessing Movements, Non-Verbal Inductions (covert hypnosis), Visual Squash, Reframing, The Swish Pattern, Godiva Chocolate Pattern (yummy!), Building Self-Confidence, Developing Self/Others Appreciation - and that's just some of the Basic Level!!!




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