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The National Federation of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Master NLP Practitioners Course

With NFNLP Certified Trainer, Sheila M. Street

(519) 962-9676


Times:  9:00 AM to 6 PM (1 hour lunch break)

Pre-requisites:  Basic NLP Practitioners Course through Sheila M. Street, or with Dr. Wil Horton, founder of NFNLP, or other NFNLP Trainers.

Course Fee:  $1,200.00  Payment may be made by cash, cheque, money order or credit card using Square or PayPal™.  If using PayPal™, please contact me by phone for the web-page link (you will be required to provide additional identity information for security purposes if you wish to use your credit card). Payments should be made out to Integrated Dynamics Resources (my legal company name).

Registration:  Pre-registration is necessary.  $200 deposit.

*INCENTIVE:  Find 5 friends/colleagues to take this course along with you, and I will provide YOUR course at half-price.  Find 9 friends/colleagues to take this course along with you, and I will provide YOUR course FREE! If you're out of town (Southwestern Ontario) I'll travel to your location (for 10 total students or more)!  For out-of-Windsor courses, full payment two weeks in advance from ALL parties is required.


Investment:  $1,200.00

Dates:  TBA (3 weekends, 6 days total) Please inquire by phone or email

Times:  9 AM to 6 PM 

Deposit amount /  required by:  $200.00 -  two weeks in advance of course start

Balance required:  Before course start date

This course requires a minimum of four participants. Full refunds will be provided quickly if the minimum has not been met by registration deadline.

Advanced NLP Patterns with a Transpersonal/Metaphysical Approach

This is the most powerful training you can take anywhere in the world. NLP and Energy!

  • Get others to do what you want and have them think it was their idea
  • Master magic words of waking hypnosis
  • Read people like a book
  • Get people to like, listen, and respect you
  • Exude massive charisma
  • Push other people's buttons at will
  • Control your own "hot" buttons
  • Change other people's minds
  • Master subconscious communication
  • Release your personal energy

Hands-on Learning:

  • Advanced sub-modality distinctions
  • Instant trance inductions
  • Waking hypnotic patterns
  • Embedded commands
  • Using metaphors for deep trance marking
  • Nested loops for waking trance
  • Rapid strategy elicitation for modeling and change
  • Linguistic installation patterns
  • Values and belief elicitation for selling
  • Covert Meta program utilization mastery
  • Advanced modeling skills for success
  • Changing beliefs subconsciously
  • Covert change patterns
  • Time distortion patterns
  • Love strategies
  • Use nature to create metaphors
  • Future pacing for long term success
  • Accelerated learning - mind mapping
  • Wear comfortable clothing.

In addition to the advanced NLP techniques in the Master Program you will learn:

  • How to use NLP and Hypnosis to sharpen your intuitive/psychic abilities
  • How to read people
  • Use your brain to open your in-out from the world
  • Plus the "regular" NLP Masters training where you will master advanced applications of NLP
  • Learn and create new patterns and strategies of ultimate success, happiness and achievement
  • You will move to the forefront and participate in the future of NLP by creating new patterns.

At the end of the course you will be provided with an exam/assignment to be completed and submitted for marking by Sheila.

Upon attendance for all days of the course, and successful completion of the exam/assignment, your information will be forwarded to The National Federation of Neuro-Linguistic Programming in Venice, Florida.  They will then prepare and mail out to you your Certificates.

One year of NFNLP dues ($50.00 US) will be submitted by Sheila on your behalf, as part of the above noted fee.  If you have recently (with the past year) taken the Basic NFNLP Practitioner's course, the dues part will be added on to extend your membership for an additional year.  This course will count as 30 CEU's for both the NFNLP and the NGH.

The course location will be in Windsor, Ontario - place to be provided to registrants once class size has been determined, and a suitable location then found.

It is suggested that you register early, as class size will be kept relatively small for more personalized instruction.



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