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Personal Growth Coaching

with Hypnosis and NLP

(519) 962-9676

I work with individuals who are recognizing they want more out of life, and who are looking for better options to accomplish their desires.

Are you at a point in life where you know you could be doing better, but you feel stuck? Have you run into a brick wall in your attempts to become more abundant, healthy, peaceful, etc.? Maybe it's time to consider Personal Growth Coaching with Hypnosis and NLP.

If you already know for certain what you want to accomplish, we can get started right away. Or, if you feel you need more guidance in getting to the core of the issue, because of the unique services I can offer, we can use that guidance to tailor a program especially for you. Quantum shifts in those "stuck" areas can be obtained in a very short period of time in most instances. Then, to keep you on track, I would be available to assist you with an ongoing maintenance program, including professionally produced hypnotic CD's geared toward your own personal needs.

If you live in the South-Western Ontario, Michigan or Ohio areas, consider giving yourself the gift of taking a step forward in your personal growth through my services. Let's discuss how you can get started now.

Through the power of the Internet and Expanded Telephone technology, I am also available to do Personal NLP Coaching throughout North America.  Keeping on track and in step with your goals and plans is more important than ever in the current economic climate.  You can do much more than just survive - you can thrive and be on the leading edge as the economy recovers. Make the leap into personal greatness now!  Let's get started today!

Break-Through Sessions

Do you live somewhere other than in South-Western Ontario?  Or perhaps you live somewhere else in the world, but would appreciate the opportunity to have a break-through "blow-out" session - one-on-one with a well-qualified technician and trainer, and would be willing to make a day-trip to Windsor Ontario (or combine it with other business here) for that training.  Have you read the books, taken the seminars and still find that final piece of the puzzle eluding you?  There is a way to finally put everything into place, and capture that power edge within yourself.

Break-Through sessions are power sessions.  The package is a series of back-to-back sessions held across one day (minimum 7 hours of solid facilitating/training), with short breaks to catch your breath every hour or so, and a quick lunch break.  These sessions are based on NFNLP™ Coaching techniques combined with Hypnosis, which will uncover blockages, reverse bad habits, kick your self-confidence into the stratosphere, and provide you with the type of break-through that most likely would take months with other coaching programs.

Your time is important to you - it probably even has a money-value that suffers while you plod along trying to make this work on your own.  So, TODAY you CAN invest in yourself - NOW there is a program where YOU (and only you) are the focal point.  And it will only take a day out of your busy schedule to get amazing, permanent, practical results.  Call me today to arrange your Break-Through Day!

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