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Smoking Cessation Individual Sessions

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It's not just a matter of a physical OR mental addiction - it's a combination of both, and they play synergistically off one another.  For many people there is also an emotional component.  So, when making that effort to quit, you need the help of your subconscious mind to get all of these areas aligned to help you make that change.  Your pharmacist can't help you with that, nor can your doctor do it all - only a fully trained Hypnotist knows how to get all the gears going in the right direction, all at once. My program, as noted below, works well with lasting results.



Obviously, you're thinking about it, because you've clicked into this page.  As a former smoker, I know it takes a lot of courage, and sometimes a lot of false starts, wishing and wanting to be "unchained" from that cigarette.

Here are a few ideas to consider:

  • First of all, only a small part of why you've found it difficult to quit has to do with the so-called "addiction to nicotine", and the rest of the quitting has to do with "habit".  If you're not addressing "When" or "Why" in whatever quit program you choose, you're missing the main things that keep you stuck.

  • The odour that follows around a person who smokes is offensive. My daughter told me about a young girl who wished her parents and grandfather would quit because she really wanted to hug them more, but hated how they smelled.  Think about an ash-tray that is running over with week-old butts, and putting your nose close to it. Same thing goes for your breath: you can chew all the mints in the world and the smell will still be there.  Your clothes reek, your car reeks, your home reeks.  Continuing to smoke may be the reason your friends and family have withdrawn from you, or you don't get invited to places where people don't appreciate your "smokey" stench.

  • Smoking "ages" you - especially women, but men are also becoming more conscious of their looks.  Your upper lips become permanently etched with deep lines.  You wear circles under your eyes, or possibly large bags. Your skin tone and colour suffer from the close exposure of the smoke, and the odd stretching out of your chin when you inhale eventually deforms your cheeks. Your gums and teeth are also affected.  The gums recede, causing more likelihood of decay, and your teeth are yellowed. Your fingers become stained, and the chemicals sometimes also stain your finger-nails and affect the cuticles, so they become rough and cracked. 

  • Going "cold turkey" is something you have probably tried on your own already, unsuccessfully.  Weaning yourself off cigarettes, with the help of hypnosis and self-hypnosis across the space of a week or so, allows you to develop the control that, in the end, will keep you from starting again. Having a few set-backs initially will also bring you awareness of what needs to be worked on more - not that hypnosis was your last resort and you "failed", so you give up completely. You've smoked a long time (probably), so give yourself a bit of time to make the changes that lead to success.

  • Some programs are better than others for at least some people.  I've had clients come to me who have previously gone to another hypnotist who also uses laser treatments, but only offers a one session "fix" (and charges much more than I do for their "program"). I treat everyone as individuals, so each persons program is different, generally two or three sessions, depending on how much you smoke and your "habits" around smoking. I charge my regular session rates per session ($150.00 for initial session and $130.00 for follow-ups). All sessions are approximately two hours in length.

So, how do you get from here to being clear of the habit forever?  Certainly, there are "programs" out there where you take a drug prescribed by your doctor (some of them will alter your brain chemistry and possibly give you nightmares or suicidal thoughts, though, and your doctor won't always tell you that!). Or you can try to wean yourself off by using the patch, to replace the nicotine in your body - but as long as you keep feeding your body nicotine, you're still harming yourself.  E-Cigarettes are expensive and the jury is still out as to their safety, for your body, or for your home - several fires have happened with the charging mechanism. Gums and sprays are also touted as "aids", but again, you're still feeding the nicotine part of the habit.  The worst of it is that some people try to use several of the above in conjunction with each other, and end up in potential life threatening situations, as they can potentially overdose on nicotine, a noted poison. A family member ended up with a heart-attack using the patch, and then thought he could also smoke when the patch wasn't delivering enough nicotine. So it isn't any wonder that people just give up.

BUT YOU DON'T HAVE TO GIVE UP HOPE!  Using hypnosis to quit smoking is fast, generally less expensive in the long run than any of the other so-called "treatments" and "aids", and you have an inborn ability to enter hypnosis easily and safely, to help keep you from going back to the old habit.

IF YOU ARE SITTING ON THE FENCE, please give me a call, for a free over the phone consultation.  I will talk to you about how you can be positively ready for your appointment date (usually in about a week) - ready to quit forever on your chosen "quit" date - and how to make just a few minor adjustments to help get you there.

Part of the preparation for becoming smoke-free for life is learning how to deal with the daily stressors in your life.  I highly recommend that you have at least one full session to learn self-hypnosis, and learn how to dissolve the stress that most people think keep them hooked on cigarettes.  The nicotine in cigarettes actually stresses your body, but because you are taking deep breaths (generally) when smoking you think you are relaxing with the cigarette.  If you were to just take deep breaths - about 5 to 10, each time you wanted to reach for a cigarette, you would already be part-way to kicking the habit. After you've learned how to move out of the stress, then you are ready for the final stage - actually quitting and becoming smoke-free for life.

At your quit-date session, I want you to present me with your BIGGEST craving - so I must insist that you don't smoke for at least FOUR hours before your session.  I will then show you how easy it is to get rid of that craving during your session with me.  Please also bring any left-over cigarettes with you, as you won't need them when we're finished the session.

In your initial hypnosis session we will review your reasons for smoking when you initially started, and we will provide you with guidelines to assist you in your choice to quit smoking. You will be taught self-hypnosis, so that you can begin implementing a strategy that will assist you to quit immediately, changing your focus from smoking over to creating a smoke-free lifestyle.

Many people fear quitting because they will need to make these changes, but once they are shown how it can be fun, even exciting and pleasant to do so, using hypnosis, then the changes come rapidly and successfully. NLP is also used, to help you make the changes easily.

You will still have to use some will-power to avoid situations that may tempt you to smoke, and to remind yourself that you now have a powerful tool at your disposal to keep you smoke-free.  What you will find, though, is because of the hypnosis session, and the underlying assistance of your sub-conscious mind in breaking the cigarette habit, that with each passing day, your will-power is stronger, and in a shorter period that you might think, you will be feeling and acting as though you've never smoked, or wanted to smoke, in your life.  That is when you can truly say "I'm now smoke-free for life!" 

NOTE: Before I will arrange the session, I MUST speak to the individual who will be going through the program. Too often I have had well-meaning life partners call to get the details, make the appointment, and try to influence the other to come on that basis, with the result I have a two hour hole in my schedule when no one shows up.  That is why I insist on a session deposit of $75.00, and having contact with the person who wants to become smoke free for life.

NOTEI will not use negative aversion techniques or suggestions in working with you.  These generally do not address the root cause of smoking, and can create problems for you down the road. If you think the only way you can quit is to be scared out of quitting, then I kindly ask you to find someone else to do that to you.

NOTESome people have found that using hypnosis along with the "patch" or other nicotine replacement therapies eased their withdrawal from the habit of taking a cigarette. My thoughts are that you will still need to wean yourself off the drug if you use these, and suggest that a combination of hypnosis and your will-power can see you through the three days it will take for the nicotine to leave your body, once you have taken your last cigarette, without spending more money on something that will keep you hooked to the need for nicotine.

Smoking FAQ

Q: How successful is smoking cessation through hypnosis?
A: 90% successful without withdrawal symptoms.

Q: Do I stop smoking right away?
A: Most people will find it quite easy to quit the day of their session. If you are a heavy smoker (more than a pack per day), tell me this in our initial conversation, and I will give you some suggestions on how to cut back during the week before your session. Then we'll finish the job at your session.

Q: With hypnosis, will I crave a smoke?
A: No. It will simply be a matter of I dont care if I have one or not.

Q: Will I gain weight when I quit smoking?
A: Not unless you want to! (And we provide suggestions to help!)

Q: When will I really be a non-smoker?
A: You are considered a full fledged non-smoker after one year of being completely smoke free, for Life and Health Insurance purposes.  We prefer to use the phrase "smoke free for life", over non-smoker, as it is a much more positive way of keeping the sub-conscious mind working to keep you "free".

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