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Recent studies have shown that stress is fast becoming a major health risk in our fast moving society. With the economic demands of today, men are pushed even harder to excel and exceed past performances. Women are trying to balance the needs of family at home and the need for additional income. Teenagers are being asked to deal with greater amounts of stress dealing with the need for higher grades to get into the better colleges and universities. Even youngsters are feeling performance related stress!!!

Learning self-hypnosis from a qualified hypnotist is a drug-free way of dealing with these mounting stressors. It is a skill that once learned, you will have for the rest of your life. Wouldn’t you like to be able to face life without that knot in your stomach or at the back of your neck?

The health risks and costs of living with stress range from weight gain or loss; stress induced diabetes and heart problems; taking over-the-counter sleep inducing medication on a long term basis (which has been known to cause short-to-long term memory loss); self-medicating with alcohol or illegal drugs (all of which have their own nasty side-effects); and/or taking prescription medications, many of which have their own built-in health risks, as people are finding out by the hundreds.

People who live with stress generally have a much higher level of cortisol in their bodies, which tends to settle around the upper body as weight, and reduces the production of good hormones which prevent such things as arthritis, fibromyalgia and a host of other neurological-based diseases that used to be rare, but are now becoming so frequently seen, doctors are setting up specialties around them.  Of course, we would be remiss if we did not mention stroke and heart-attacks, and difficulty healing from injury and operations for other reasons.

Stress also creates losses in personal relationships, possible loss of libido and sexual functioning, difficulties in dealing with work situations, including making choices that sometimes create loss of employment, adding to the stress of the stress.  Stress is also a factor in ADD and ADHD, plaguing many children today.  

Learning to relax is an essential part of stress-release, and once you've learned how pleasant it is to be in hypnosis, and how you can actually create bliss for yourself with it, you'll thank yourself profusely for giving it a try.

Having a group of four or five sessions over a one month period, with instruction in relaxation and self-hypnosis techniques as part of the program is one way you can start to manage your stress, and start living the life you want to live.  During the sessions you will learn additional coping mechanisms, and your self-esteem will be enhanced by special suggestions specifically formulated to promote a better outlook on life.  Then, over the next six months, treat yourself to a once-a-month 'spa' session - and prevent any additional stressors from taking root.  You'll begin to look at life in a much more hopeful, positive manner from the first session.

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